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No Poison At The Dinner Table: Our Favorite Non-Toxic Dinnerware for Kids

As adults, we’re able to enjoy a rainbow of gorgeous plate and cutlery options made of super safe materials like ceramic and glass. And in a perfect world, our kids could enjoy the same. If anyone lives in that world, please let us know how to get there! There are a couple issues when it comes to dinnerware for kids: durability during the super-enjoyable-and-feels-eternal “throw it on the ground to see what happens” phase and usability in terms of being able to heat it and clean it easily. Since the overall solution to these problems is not one we’re willing to get on board with (read: plastic), here are our favorite options to solve both these dilemmas. These non-toxic dinnerware options will be (relatively) safe around your plate-pitching toddler & be super cute on your table.

The problem with plastic

You’ve heard it before (many times!), but it bears repeating: plastic is nasty stuff. And, while it’s great to avoid plastic that includes melamine, PVC, BPA, BPS, and phthalates, even plastics that don’t include these compounds may still be problematic. One of the biggest issues is that plastic can release toxins when heated, which is particularly scary when you think about heating food and serving it to kids on plastic plates or cups or even running it through a dishwasher cycle where it’s washed hot and dried with a heater.

The bottom line: if you must use plastic, don’t heat it and wash it by hand in warm water with mild (non-toxic!) soap and dry with a cloth.


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