Force Of Nature Applications

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Big Time Clean

our favorite usage tips

There are tons of ways to use Force of Nature beyond regular cleaning and deodorizing, and below we’ve got some ideas for you. To our customers who have shared your favorite tips with us, thank you, and keep them coming please!

Fresh faced

Clean makeup brushes and sponges


gunked on makeup with water


thoroughly with Force of Nature

Air Dry

pet Accidents

Test rug in an inconspicuous spot to confirm it’s colorfast. Remove as much of the mess as possible, spray Force of Nature, wait 2 minutes, then use a scrub brush or paper towel to wipe until clean. Saturate once more & let air dry.

Flower Power

Make your fresh-cut flowers last longer by pouring a few ounces of Force of Nature into the vase to make your blooms last.

A Breath Of Fresh Air


your humidifier


in Force of Nature


into all the crevices

whoa baby!

Use Force of Nature to hose down your baby gear. All. The. Time.


Dishwasher heat can cause plastics to leach toxic chemicals, so skip the dishwasher and use Force of Nature on kids’ serveware.

Sippies and straws

Clean sippy cups, straw cups, and water bottles. Spray in FON, shake, let dry.

Stinky Pails and Cans

Festering trash cans and diaper pails got you down? Spray regularly, making sure to saturate the source of the stink.

Pop Quiz

Think about how many surfaces these come in contact with each day. Spray backpacks and lunchboxes after each use to ensure no invisible hitchhikers are coming home with your kiddos.

Hold The Mold

Stop the musty, moldy, and mildewy smell by spraying the rubber gaskets after each cycle. Wipe, spray thoroughly, then let dry naturally.

Pack It Up

Spray down reusable shopping bags and shipping boxes before you bring them into your home.


Spray down your camping gear after each use to clean and stop odors from mold and mildew. For boots, saturate thoroughly then let dry without rinsing.

Sponge Grunge

Your trusty helpers wipe tons of gross surfaces and stay damp. Spray your sponges and scrubies daily.

High Touch Surfaces

Spray surfaces until they’re completely wet, then let dry naturally. If you’re on-the-go without access to soap and water, it’s okay to spray your hands too!

Sports Stink

Your MVP for de-stinking sports gear. The 1st time, soak gear with Force of Nature then let dry (don’t rinse!). Spray after each use to keep the stench from coming back.


Whether it’s lovies, Legos, trains or anything else, don’t forget those post-playtime spray downs. No need to rinse!

Road Trip

Spray to clean windows, seats, consoles, rugs. On fabrics & rugs, start with a spot test to ensure the material is colorfast.

Squeaky Clean

Bath toys are full of nooks & crannies to host icky old water & soap scum. Spray them down regularly.

Diaper Duty

For cloth diapers, remove as much of the “soil” as possible, then soak in Force of Nature for 10 minutes either before or instead of putting them in the washer.


Spray down mats, props and water bottles after each use.

Brush Up

Is your sink counter a few feet away from the potty? We rest our case. Spray toothbrushes when you clean your counters, then shake off any residue.

Mop It Up

Hate rinsing? Us too! Snag a refillable spray mop with a machine washable pad and for the first time ever, feel the joy of mopping.

Deck Time

Patio furniture is a magnet for mold & mildew, so spray down regularly. To clean mold or mildew, soak the area and let dry naturally without rinsing.

Windows and mirrors

Bye bye stubborn marks and fingerprints (or whatever those even are) ! Spray Force of Nature on mirrors and other glass surfaces.