For Homes

The Family-Safe

way to clean and deodorize

Force of Nature is an appliance that turns tap water, plus a capsule of salt, water, and vinegar into a multi-purpose natural cleaner and deodorizer as effective as bleach.

Kid and pet friendly

We’re parents too, and keeping all the little hands, noses and paws in our homes away from toxic cleaners was always a huge challenge. When we found the electrolyzed water technology being used in industrial applications like green cleaning and
woundcare, we knew we had our answer.

The Natural Cleaner

As Effective as Bleach

Say hello to bleach-strength non-toxic cleaning!
It’s the only natural cleaner with no added fragrances, dyes, preservatives or surfactants.

Mop it up!

Hate rinsing? Us too! You can use Force Of Nature for mopping and cleaning surfaces around the house. For mopping, simply fill a refillable spray mop with Force Of Nature and for the first time ever, feel the joy of mopping.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Dirty mirrors or dusty windows? Dust and unidentifiable grime gets accumulated in the most conspicuous areas rather quickly. We know – how frustrating, and sometimes, it takes A+ effort to rid off those stubborn marks. Here’s where Force of Nature has your back. Force of Nature is effective for such situations on mirrors and other glass surfaces. Just spray, and wipe!

Keep your tools clean

The smell of the bacteria building up in your dishwashing sponges… Oof! Nasty. Give your cleaning tools a spray down spa with Force of Nature. Spray away those nasty odours! Our trusty table cloths, cleaning sponges, rags, and even oven mittens & coasters like to feel fresh too!

High touch surfaces

Use Force of Nature to disinfect frequently touched objects or surfaces (such as door knobs, and handles – can you imagine how much bacteria and other microorganisms are on your front door handle? Yikes!) around the house, then let dry naturally.

Keep the nasties away

After every adventure, be sure to spray down your reusable shopping bags, kids school backpacks and even shipping boxes before you bring them into your home.